Astrology is a joke

What else would you say to people, when we did not predict the pandemic?

The Vedic Astrology Academy is a Research Institution dedicated to collaboration, community development, research and peer-reviews for research within Vedic Astrology.

We raise capital for Research by charging for individual Astrological consultations or teaching Vedic Astrology to beginners.

What is the science behind it?

The Scientific community with their eyes closed sees Astrology as a Pseudo-science. With little or no exposure of Vedic Astrology, all debates, discussions, evidences and experiments are conducted over Western Astrology – which, lets be honest is still living in 1000BC.

However, almost all of the questioning that Scientists use to play down Astrology falls flat when you encounter Vedic Astrology and dive deeper in the world of Karma, Dasha system, understanding of multiple lifetimes and its core philosophy. You’re then connected to Darwin’s Theory of evolution, to Fractals, Newton’s Laws of motion and multiple other facets.

Why learn Vedic Astrology?

“दशा बदलती है तो दिशा बदलती है।”

[When the Dasha changes, the direction of life also changes ]

– World’s Greatest Astrologer Shri K N Rao

Understanding Self

Our lives are just patterns and events; controlled by Dashas. Understanding of own past karma and how that has shaped up your personality while also the events in your life, help in overcoming complex situations with slight ease.

Understanding Life

Karma as a concept might seem simple. But how do you look through time, using multiple lifetimes as a scale of reference? Can mental health issues be found out using Vedic Astrology? What is death and why do some people remember their past lives? We understand some of these concepts while studying courses on Astrology in depth.

Helping Others

Contributing to the general well being of the human species, by balancing the life and its play with nature while studying the cause and effect relationship – is what Vedic Astrology Academy aims to do. As a volunteer, you can contribute to projects in an individual capacity to help the Vedic Astrology community, achieve this from a Scientific perspective.

Vedic Astrology Research

Research and Projects

For any science to progress, it is imperative that there is constant research and experimentation in the field. So while the general Scientific community rejects Astrology as a Pseudo-Science, it becomes all the more imperative for people within the field of Jyotish to join hands and help in the progress of this study. On one hand, the Scientific community is not adept with Vedic Astrology and their focus has always been pop-culture-tabloid-based form of Astrology and on the other, apart from Shri K N Rao and a few other Vedic Astrologers, no one has tried pushing the bar of research much within this field.

At the Vedic Astrology Academy, we research on multitude of topics using simple Excel sheets to complex Machine Learning algorithms. Both, Quantitative and Qualitative Research methodologies are focussed on understanding Vedic Astrology from a Scientific Perspective, where data plays the key role.

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Jyotish? लोग क्या कहेंगे?

Literally translates to “What would people say!”. Astrology, being a subject and a profession which is looked down upon by most people, many shy away from speaking about it, even if they consult an Astrologer or are generally interested in the field. If you pay any heed to what people say, this isn’t for you.

However, if you’re into understanding the deeper meaning of life, you question everything and you do love to experiment, Astrology is the subject to study.

Vedic Astrology Consultation

Astrology Consultation Methodology

Once you book a consultation, your Kundli (aka Vedic Astrology Chart) is prepared using your date, time and place of birth. Basis the information you provide and your kundli, the questions you have asked are answered. Questions can be around health, marital life, income, property, career, children or any general issues within your life.

Collaborate on Research Projects

If you are looking to collaborate on any kind of research (be it Astrological or Scientific), we’ll be happy to discuss more.

Publish your Original Research

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